The Catholic day care centre "St. Paulus" is a multicultural 'oasis' in the middle of the Hustadt.

We take care of 65 children of the ages from 3 to 6 years in 3 different groups.

As a Catholic institution it is important to us to communicate the Catholic faith without disregarding other religions and cultures.

Our goal is to support every child regardless of their nationality or their family background in order to equip them for school. Therefore we support them in the following fields of education:

  • educational documentation and portfolio

  • exercise
  • body, health and nutrition
  • language and communication
  • social, cultural and inter-cultural education
  • musical and aesthetic development
  • religious education and ethics
  • mathematical education
  • scientific and technical education
  • ecological education
  • media


The family centre "St. Paulus" is a meeting place for everybody, a competent partner concerning counselling and assistance. Through our cooperation agreements with different partner organizations, we offer support concerning topics like educational competences, training for parenting, daycare, language development and inter-cultural activities.

Through the immediate vicinity of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we have used the possibility to establish contacts with institutions on the campus.

These include in particular the department of medicine at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum that regularly invites children to the teddy bear hospital, which is intended to help remove children's fear of visiting doctors or hospitals. Click here for pictures of the teddy bear hospital..

We cooperate with Professor Schweizer-Ries in the field "Education for sustainable development". Together with the students, the children work on different issues of nature and environmental education.

Our centre


The educational motivation of our centre is:
"Help me to do it by myself"
A principle by Maria Montessori


Der Träger

Opening hours

Our opening hours for you:

Monday to Friday
from 7AM to 4.30PM

Your contact person:
Mrs Junker-Vaccaro
(manager of the centre)

Robert-Koch-Str. 33
44801 Bochum

Phone: 0234 / 70 29 46

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